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Parts List

  • myDAQ/myRIO
  • Resistors
  • Seven Segment Display
  • Wires

Learn It

A seven segment display is a great example of how to take an existing concept and expand on it by simply duplicating it. The disply is made up of seven LEDs which each have to be controlled individualy. Anything sent to the display must follow the convention of displaying a number or letter or it will be confusing to users. Click on the hardware you are using to access the module. Vist the Resources tab to download a zip file containing example code and a pdf form of the instructions.

Build It

Click on the hardware that you have to get specific instructions.

Expand It

Not seeing the expected results?

Confirm the following details:

  • Is the myDAQ or myRIO indicator LED illuminated?
  • Is the black "Run" button on the LabVIEW toolbar unbroken, signifying the VI does not have errors?
  • Ensure your wiring is correct.